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At Little Treasures Nurseries we ensure that each child receives all the love, attention and intimate interactions they need at this delicate and important stage in their lives. At such a young age babies need lots of cuddles, love and a strong sense of security so they can then be confident enough to explore and develop all of their senses. Our Baby Rooms offer lots of natural resources, treasure baskets, exploration experiences and objects that stimulate the children.

All of our Baby Room staff have been trained especially on how to care for this age group and can provide the right support and nurturing encouragement that will help your child to grow and develop. Staff follow each child's established routine so there is continuity between home and setting and we endeavour to provide any individual requirements you may have. Following Statutory Requirements the staffing ratios for the 0 to 2 years age group is 1 adult to 3 children and we endeavour to exceed this at all times.

There are no time limits to settle your baby into the nursery environment and we encourage you and your child to spend as much time as you wish getting to know the staff, ensuring you are both happy. The Baby Room staff work closely with Parents/Carers to make sure that each child receives the exact care and attention they need.

Little Treasures Nurseries Holbeach is privileged to have a Sensory Room located within the baby room which is an amazing space for the babies to explore and develop.